Mustang Region is the less-known but Mysterious trekking destination of Nepal. Mustang is one of the most fascinating and picturesque places in Nepal and is understandably popular among trekkers, many of whom walk to Lo Manthang. Mustang is probably a Nepali mispronunciation of the original name of the capital of Lo, an almost mythical kingdom. The landscape of Mustang is a barren moonscape of eroded sandstone pillars and discontinuous moraine terraces, which together present a colorful mosaic made up principally of earthen reds, yellows and brown. It is relatively easy trekking along the permitted route to Lo Manthang, which lies in the very heart of Mustang. Strong winds generally howl across the area in the afternoon, generally subsiding at night.

We pride to introduce it to with the other world to realize and see the existing life phase of human civilization in this Rain-shadow land until today is more interesting and the matter of curiosity one to be there to reach beyond the imagination.


Lower Mustang Trek(16 Days)
Lower Mustang Trek is exploring natural beauty and observes the traditional lifestyle of local people   like Gurung, Magar and Thakali, ethnic communities of Nepal. The lower mustang...
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upper mustangUpper Mustang Trek(16 Days)
Upper Mustang is also known as “the land of lost Tibetan kingdom”, where languages, traditions and cultures remain alike as Tibetan people.  Life in Mustang revolves around tourism...
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