Falcon Hospital Tour

This is a unique tour which should appeal not only to falcon lovers, but all wildlife lovers. This tour is specially designed to create an understanding of the treatments given to the majestic birds, considered the royal bird. The tour of the Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital will start with the fascinating world of falcons and falconry. You will see the special tools and equipment used during the visit to the falcon museum where guests receive an in depth introduction of the traditional heritage of falconry. Then you will step into the reception area where you see how the falcons are registered and shown the falcon passport Move on to the examination room where you will see the falcons undergoing check-ups and treatments. You learn about the most common illnesses that endanger the health of falcons. You then move around the hospital to see the intensive care unit and see the fabulous laboratory which has the most advanced technical equipment where even the rarest diseases can be identified. Just outside the hospital, where you can take photos of and with the majestic birds sitting on your arm. Visit the hospital wards followed by a visit to the free-flight cage where falcons can fly free inside. You are also treated to a falcon show which will thrill the audience. After a brief stop for refreshments, you will return Dubai.