Boat Cruise at Sunset

An alluring cruise past The Palm Jumeirah Island and the Jumeirah seashoreWith the cool breeze of the afternoon and then the sunset we start our cruise from Dubai Marina to indulge into a provocatively different perspective. As we sail toward Mina El Siyahi – a prestigious & fashionable hotel with celebrated bars and restaurants named the “port of El Siyahi”, The Dubai Marina Area presents its charming character from distant angle boasting world- class hotels, an intriguing range of restaurants, cafés and bars, many of which can be reached by a leisurely stroll along “The Marina Walk” and “The Walk” at Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR). The development of this area as a proof of modern architecture and engineering is as wondrous and breathtaking as “The Palm Jumeirah Island”, the first manmade island that can be seen from the moon and is built in the shape of a date palm tree surrounded by a crescent island that acts as breakwater. Complimentary non-alcoholic drinks are offered on board. A truly memorable cruise in spectacular waters.